The Jane Ellen Experience Podcast Summary #228 02.16.10

So it's Fat Tuesday. Have you overindulged? I made brownies. And then called Nathan Stoops of Scarletta, who I knew was on the road, to tell him of all that I had cooked over the past few days. I'm cruel that way. Jim spent the show suggesting what I could give up for Ash Wednesday. Oddly enough it was in no way helpful, yet it was completely irritating. I am, as yet, undecided. Seeing as, just as Christmas, Lent has completely snuck up on me. And I didn't realize that this was another one of those years when my birthday has fallen on a Friday during Lent. Which translates into, no meatballs at Mauricio's for me. I know, I'm pathetic, like the world revolves around me.

Kevin Smith's Southwest Air episode has now been called Fatgate. Really, if you're not following the story, or him on Twitter, you're missing out.

It's Fashion Week in New York. Apparently, the trend this season for women is to borrow from men's clothing. Well, it depends on how much borrowing we're talking about. Jim was amazed that Victoria Bedckham calls herself a designer. We had quite the discussion regarding that. You should listen to it at Hear Jane on the website.

So live it up, the rest of your Fat Tuesday.