The Jane Ellen Experience Podcast Summary #226 02.12.10

Server problem is keeping the website down. Keep checking back, it's being attended to. And, yes, it's completely annoying. However, you can listen to the podcast on iTunes and by going directly to the feed www.thejaneellen.podbean.com.

On today's show, Adam and I talked movies. A lot of movies. Seems there will be another Chronicles of Riddick. Now, you may be confused, but remember, it all actually began with Pitch Black. This one they're making with Vin now is really just a glorified commercial, as Adam put it. And it's to sell lunchboxes and action figures. Which is where the whole Riddick thing really made its money on a global level. It wasn't in ticket sales. Then we got to talking about the later Jurassic films. And that's when I started writing a Jurassic film he would like. One with machine guns on the arms of the T-Rex and rocket launchers in the horns of the triceratops. I think I had Scar-Jo riding one, maybe Jessica Alba riding another. It only got better the more we talked. I'm talking, this was nothing short of genius. Or at least on the level of another Riddick film.

New movies out today, Wolfman, Valentine's Day and the Potter lookalike with Sean Bean from Fellowship of the Ring (best death ever) Percy Jackson and the Olympians: The Lightning Thief.

By the way, just thought I'd throw this into the mix. Jim doesn't find Cougar Town hilarious. There's something wrong with him.