The Jane Ellen Experience Podcast Summary #225 Thu 02.11.10

Issues. For the next 24 hours or so, to hear the podcast go directly to www.thejaneellen.podbean.com to catch the feed. Or pick it up off of iTunes. The good news is my webmaster now has a new computer and things should slowly be getting back to normal.

Today's show Adam and I talked about fun at Wal-Mart. First of all, never a good idea to take a metal bat from sporting goods and then walk over to the TV's and smash them up. It got one guy in Georgia 29 counts of criminal damage to property. What a waste. Adam says people try to walk into Wal-Mart with all sorts of strange things. For instance, a Ninja sword. And they get annoyed when they are stopped and told they can't bring it in. Yeah, never a good idea.

Neither is trying to buy urine off of kids. That's what an 18-year-old was doing in Manhattan Beach, CA. The police assume it's because he wanted clean urine to pass drug tests. His bail is $150,000. That's what he gets for hanging around elementary schools asking boys for their pee. Adam said if that would've happened to him, he probably, as a child, would've agreed, as child Adam would've seen no down side.

It seems one fifth of adults would rather spend Valentine's Day with their pet. Now we did question what "with" meant. And it seems most of those who answered were from Turkey. But still, interesting. Valentine's Day is Sunday and I do have extra Harry Potter and Mickey Mouse valentines for the men in my life. Oh, I'm not joking.

In case you missed it, the regular columns, Geek Chic, Tube Job, Can U Dig It, all were posted on www.facebook.com/thejaneellen under notes seeing as the whole computer thing meant they weren't going to be up this week. And that was just sad. They were full of joy that was meant to be spread.

Adam's back with me tomorrow to talk about new movies opening this weekend.