The Jane Ellen Experience Podcast Summary #222 02.08.10

Where was Adam today? Hmmmm? To talk about his favorite writer, Nicholas Sparks, and the movie, Dear John, number one at the box office? So, Jim had to do it. Jim's response was, well, Avatar had to slip eventually.

Some not new but newly-released (wow, if they were new that would be quite a trick) photos of Marilyn Monroe are up for auction at roughly two to four grand. They're black and white taken I think eight months before she died. The pictures are interesting because they are different and casual, and yet, you're not going to see the iconic Marilyn in them. Perhaps it's the cat's eye glasses that throws it off. Take a look.

We discussed a lawsuit between the Heart Stoppers Sports Grill and Heart Attack Grill. Both of which sell food designed to kill you. Now, no one is suing because it did. Wouldn't that be a trick. One is suing the other over the idea of the themed restaurant. And who wouldn't eat the Chili Chest Pain Fries? And they serve anyone who weighs over 350 lbs. their meal for free.

Jim and I chatted some about the Super Bowl ads. Do listen to Hear Jane at www.thejaneellen.com.

My favorite new band, Scarletta, has a fan page on Facebook, www.facebook.com/scarletta. Nathan Stoops, who often guests on the podcast, is one-third of the band. Do check them out, won't you?

Funny thing, my friends have not had luck with computers this week. One had theirs stolen. The other had the hard drive crash. Doesn't matter which one was my webmaster's computer. It still means the regular site updates are written, just not posted due to issues. Serious issues. We shall overcome. Stay tuned.