The Jane Ellen Experience Podcast Summary #221 Fri 02.05.10

What a big movie day. Or rather not. Adam is so down. There are just two movies in wide release today. And Adam and I spent the show reading the revies. It was a delight. Well, for us. They're on Rotten Tomatoes. We had the best time with the Dear John reviews. This led to a revelation from Adam, he knows more about Nicholas Sparks than he does about sports. Sad, seeing as he can't stomach Nicholas Sparks stories. The other film opening is the latest Travolta film called From Paris With Love. And the reviews say he is hilarious in it.

By the way. There is another great movie site that my friend Dan has and it is Run Pee. I highly recommend you visit it. Run Pee is a completely different experience from Rotten Tomatoes and gives you something you can use. Go and look. Give Dan my love.

PBS airs a show called Dinosaur Train. Listen to the theme song. It's an homage to Johnny Cash. Am I crazy? OK, don't answer that. But, it is. Just listen to it.

Shan Burklow, my gorgeous, red-headed BFF girlfriend drove in the pouring rain to do my actor headshots. Mind you, we had to do many of them outside. When it's raining and 40 degrees, it's a cold rain. But we got them done. Oh, actor headshots are supposed to be non-glam, generic, pleasant, blank canvas, everything is possible kind of photos. So a casting director can look at the photo and see what is possible. For me that translated to no lipstick, no hair product, just a smidgeon of make-up and no jewelry except for my wedding ring. Pretty low key for me. And considering I hate being rained on. Tough day. Even tougher for my friend Shan. Luckily she is a genius photographer. I think we pulled it off. I'll let you know if the job offers start rolling in.

My family in the DC area is getting hit with a ton of snow. We're supposed to get a few inches in the next few hours. I'm so over the snow. If it's coming your way, be safe.