The Jane Ellen Experience Podcast Summary #217 Fri 01.17.10

Today is my nephew Ryan's birthday. Happy birthday Ryan. Here's your card.

As snow is falling across the Volunteer State, Adam and I discussed the movies out today. Mel Gibson's Edge of darkness. Which caused me to make a catty remark about botox. Adam pointed out that he probably always looked like that except that hi-def has only just now made me notice it. Then there's the new movie When in Rome about magic coins and stuff. It's a comedy/romance thing with Kristen Bell. Not really our (referring to me and Adam) demo. So I rewrote it. I threw in some garroting and maybe aliens. He was amused. Maybe not everyone else would be. Listen and see what you think. Go to Hear Jane at the website.

I had to drive to Franklin today to stay with the most wonderful agent in the world, Stephanie Beck Williams. And her charming husband Dan. A Fashion Affair is tomorrow. I am invading their privacy because of the storm. The ride was not fun. However. I made it. And the show will go on. There are only about two inches of snow in Franklin. Shan says they have about six inches in DeKalb County. And they are coming to photograph the event. Anyway. I'm here. The host is present. It will be awesome. I have no doubt. You see, the trick is, say it with confidence. Then you can carry it off. Drive safe.