The Jane Ellen Experience Podcast Summary #209 Tue 01.19.10

46 bottles of vodka enough fer ya? It is, if you're Scottish. Seems about average actually. That's what they're downing with their haggis. And that would seems to be a bit much. Now I've had vodka. But never an entire bottle. In my entire life. So, certainly not 46 bottles of it a year. Seems there be more than dragons there. (I don't know, just wanted to throw that it.)

I made spaghetti recently. Jim complained, yes, complained, that I cooked the sauce for over six hours. I informed he that he didn't have to eat superior sauce. He complained about it. "What? Who does that? You open a can, you're done. Nobody cooks sauce for over six hours." It sickened me.

John Denver is a delightful singer. Yet, when I asked Jim who he was most likely to rock out to, He responded with what I expected, KISS and Queen. But a guy in Wisconsin was fined for rocking out to John Denver. That Sunshine on My Shoulder does get pretty raucous.

Oh, you were wondering how great Erika Page White and I looked together when we visited Manuel's last week? Funny you should ask. That's why I chose to start the blog with our photo. She will be modeling. I will be prancing. I tend to do that. I really must learn to control myself. There are only 40 tickets left for A Fashion Affair on January 30, so if you live in Tennessee and want some spectacular food and want to see us in action, you need to get your tickets now at www.avintageaffair.org.