The Jane Ellen Experience Podcast Summary #212 Fri 01.22.10

Quick Draw McGraw was a cartoon character. And having a revolver from the 1800's doesn't mean you, a grown man in your 50's, should take it upon yourself to practice your quick draw techniques with a loaded weapon. But some guy in Florida did. And he shot himself in the leg. He'll live. His dignity won't.

In the movies released today we noticed the similiarities between the movies posters for Legion and The Tooth Fairy. For those who don't pay attention, they both have guys with wings. Could lead to some disappointment one way or the other.

Adam made me laugh a great deal today. Listen for yourself and find out why. Click on Hear Jane at www.thejaneellen.com.

After he left I was supposed to have a playdate, that's what we call it anyway, with world famous, well, in Japan anyway, Brien Travis. But they kept him for jury duty this time. So hard to believe. They kept him. It boggles the mind. Not that he isn't inherently keepable. But. I digress. Which forced me to not put off tedious things. Chores. Hauling slop. Milking things. You know, that type of biznass. And I hung a belt rack, did three loads of laundry, created a new recipe, got caught up on episodes of American Idol and Chuck (sort of, they were on in the background) and did not allow myself the pleasure of a nap. Saturday is A Beauty Affair, all part of A Fashion Affair. Jim claims he knew nothing about it until now. Uh huh. Anyway. A Fashion Affair is on the verge of selling out. Get your tickets at www.avintageaffair.org. However, I have been told, that once the seats have been sold that Standing Room Only tickets will be sold for extremely low prices. You still get the show, the food and drinks, and me of course, you just have to lean, not sit, and no gift bag. Just hinting about that now. We shall see if that actually happens. Have a great weekend. Many new things will show up on the website Sunday night. Be looking for it.