The Jane Ellen Experience Podcast Summary #216 Thu 01.28.10

Yes, Avatar is making gobs and gobs of money. But in today's show, Adam and I compare it to the films of yesteryear. It seems that nothing will ever dethrone Gone With the Wind. When you take inflation into consideration, it still made trillions. That's a heapin' helpin' amount of cash.

Adam and I also discussed how we are easily annoyed by those who say they do not like old movies. This caused us to compare newer films like, say, Meet Dave, to The Wizard of Oz. Discuss.

Mind you, there are plenty of old crappy movies. Just as there are new crappy ones. But there are many a brilliant film in black and white and they're not all by Hitchcock. If you would like to hear our many valid points, click on Hear Jane on the delightful website. You'll be fulfilled.