The Jane Ellen Experience Podcast #200 Mon 01.04.10

Back to a normal schedule for many. And the 200th show for this award-winning podcast. Extraordinary! Jim and I eased back into it with what I supposed turned out to be somewhat of a tribute to Jim Stafford's song "Spiders and Snakes," though it was unintentional.

You see, there was a trailer fire in Utah. The humans were OK, but there were also 18 snakes in there. Only 11 made it out alive. The owner did mouth to mouth, sort of, with a pipe. I don't have snake issues. But I can imagine that some of the firefighters just weren't expecting that.

Then there was the guy in Britain with watery eyes. Turns out he had been cleaning the cage of his tarantula. The Chilean rose tarantula can release a, wait for it, wait for it, "mist of tiny hairs" to protect it form predators. One of those tiny hairs got stuck in his cornea. Creepy. Which brought about a discussion as to what it would be like if people could do more stuff that animals can do.

And Lonely Planet did a story on the top five most horrible places to live in the WORLD, two of them being in the US. Honestly, I'm not buying that. You'll just have to listen. Go to www.thejaneellen.com and click on Hear Jane.

And then I started to extol the virtues of the new cartoon Phineas and Ferb. I am all about it. Adam is on Tuesday's show. He will be adding something new to Geek Chic called Geek Chic Elite. More on that, later. Many new things on the site so do go exploring. And Happy New Year.