The Jane Ellen Experience Podcast Summary #215 Wed 01.27.10

American Idol auditions may not mean that much now that the top 23 have been, allegedly, leaked, but still, who doesn't love a good train wreck? Hadn't really thought about it but Glambert wannabes are all the rage this season and they're just not cutting it. Adam and I are in agreement, Simon's pithy remarks will be much missed. Unless we are hired for our scathing comments. We can scathe with the best of them. But, somehow, I don't think that will happen.

We wondered if James Cameron was a coupon cutter, ordered off the dollar menu, or just spent obscene amounts of money. We have nothing to base this on. We don't know his personal habits. We just came up with ideas. Listen and find out what we came up with at Hear Jane on the website.

I'm not quite sure how we got to the subject of whether or not Jesus rocked out or invented karaoke. What with the long hair and all it seemed a natural. But then all of a sudden Adam was talking about a guy named Fat Moses. I thought that was his name. But not, that's just Adam's name for him. Fascinating. And a great name for a band.

We also wondered about people who say they do not read books. We really just don't grasp that personality type. You mean, never? You never read a book? Ever? It's hard for me to hear and understand thoses words used in a sentence.

OK, that's it for now. Tomorrow, more Adam, more movie talk, I can feel it coming on.

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