The Jane Ellen Experience Podcast #201 Tue 01.05.10

Adam Cravens and I together again. Good times. I filled him full of sausage and chili. But not chili sausage. And all was well in the world. We talked of super powers. One of our favorite topics of discussions. We went over that lovely Washington Post column that is well worth your time. Avatar seems to be mildly successful. 17 days and a billion dollars? I think that's doing OK. Tiger Woods will be on the cover of Vanity Fair, shirtless, and pumping iron. But this photo was taken in, I want to say, 2006? Nothing like capitalizing on a scandal. This really was a delightful show. Our Wendy said she was sad, yes, sad when it was over because it was too short. By the way, one of our favorite people, Cyndi Lauper, will be in Celebrity Apprentice. Along with Sharon Osbourne. Will they be buds or clash? Hmmmm. Now, go listen to the show. Adam had much comedy to say about Twilight. So much so I could not top laughing. Hear Jane at www.thejaneellen.com.