The Jane Ellen Experience Podcast Summary #214 Tue 01.26.10

Double dutch bus I've heard of. A double butt chicken named J-Lo is a new one on me. It's in Ocala. Don't worry, they're not going to eat J-Lo. The eight month old chicken has two pubic areas but, so far, does not lay twice as many eggs as the average chicken. They say they're not going to profit over J-Lo. Uh-huh.

Brad Pitt has allegedly bought a house because he and Angelina have allegedly split. What has Adam all aquiver is the house has a cave. Makes sense. He's friends with George Clooney. He was Batman. Adam thinks Brad may be the real Batman. Adam wants a house with a cave.

Oh how we amused ourselves today. Do listen at Hear Jane on the website.

By the way, there are ten, count 'em, ten tickets left for A Fashion Affair this Saturday. If you want them, go to www.avintageaffair.org. The gift bag alone is worth the price of the ticket. And it's all for charity.

The weather in Tennessee is frigid this week, and yet my daffodils are up an inch.
They do always bloom in February.

OK, tell me if this movie on TCM doesn't sound disturbing. It's from 1942 with Ginger Rogers and Ray Milland called The Major and The Minor. This is the DVR movie summary and I quote "A military school major eyes a blonde posing as a half-fare 12-year-old on a train." Ewwwww. Yeah, I get that she's not really 12, but he thinks she is and is still attracted to her. Double ewwwww. At least that's how the summary reads. And Ginger Rogers looks like a brunette or the darkest blonde ever. Hmmmm.