The Jane Ellen Experience Podcast #204 Mon 01.11.10

Do you have any clear idea as to when things expire in your fridge? Have you noticed that salad dressing expiration dates are often hard to find and read? It was once suggested to me that you should write the day you bought the stuff with a Sharpie on the lid. That way you know. I think that's a brilliant idea. Of course, I've never done it. But I think about doing it every time I wonder if my food has gone bad. Just passing it along.

The Simpsons celebrated 20 years of deliciousness on television. It is nothing short of brilliant and I am proud to say I come from Springfield. Do I have a favorite character? Krusty holds a certain appeal. Love the Mr. Plow theme song. And Comic Book Store Guy is fantastic. But it was because of The Simpsons that the Elvis TV show from 1990 never took off. And it was great. All two episodes. We actually looked up what shows were cancelled after just one episode. Listen and find out (shows like Heil Honey, I'm Home). Click on Hear Jane www.thejaneellen.com.

Manimal was not one of those shows. I rarely pass up a chance to talk about Simon McCorkindale. This guy wasn't just a man, or an animal, he was a manimal. It had such possibilities. I don't see why it didn't take off. Michael Bay take a look at this and turn it into a movie where things blow up real good.

Jim made sexist remarks about women driving in the snow. Most of which were warranted. And you can get ten years behind bars for massaging your meat. 80 pounds of it apparently.

The recipe of the week is a fantastic treat that mixes the taste of coffee and chocolate and will not help you lose weight if that was a New Year's resolution of yours. Sorry about that.