The Jane Ellen Experience Podcast Summary #211 Thu 01.21.10

Yesterday's show, yeah, never got to that one. But you should. Adam and I were golden. Just like today's. So listen to both. Go to Hear Jane at www.thejaneellen.com. Yesterday's show begins with my telling of a story about a meeting I was at, and words that make me laugh. That should be enough to go on.

Today starts with the brilliance of Conan. He is spending NBC's money because, well, they have to pay for everything through tomorrow. So he took the world's most expensive car, a Bergotti, dressed it like a mouse, and played the original recording of the Stones Satisfaction. It cost $1.5 million to do that, including the rights to air that on the internet. Suh-weet.

Jim thinks of Brien a lot. Jim doesn't accept that Brien, a piano player, does not like Barry Manilow. Just like Adam has a music-loving friend who does not like the Beatles. That is just wrong. Jim feels that Brien does not know the entire Manilow catalog. The point is, in 2006, Barry appeared for one hour on QVC and that was the biggest single-hour music sales event in the channel's history. He just did another appearance on QVC, this time he was doing it live from Vegas to pimp his latest album The Greatest Love Songs of All Time. Wonder if Brien appeared on QVC if his Japan sales would soar even more?

I have encouraged Adam to read the Stephanie Meyer comic book. The review I read and posted on Twitter and Facebook was very amusing. He doesn't want it to touch his other comic books and said everything 12-year-old girls liked was stupid. Then apologized. And said he liked ponies. That got us talking about Superman and I suggested an alternative storyline. Really, you have to hear it. I, uh, I just can't put it into words. If Adam reads it, his eyes might break. Hearing it was painful enough.

And you can put peanut butter on chicken and eat it. Yes you can.