The Jane Ellen Experience Podcast Summary #208 Fri 01.15.10

Happy Ides of January. What? You thought there was only an Ides of March? The Ides is the 15th of every month. So now you know.

Jim and and I discussed my visit home in today's show. Thursday, Shan and went to Manuel's Exclusive Clothiers on Broadway in Nashville. Manuel is one of the designers for A Fashion Affair, the event which I am hosting January 30. We met up with my agent Stephanie and the fabulous Erika Page White, who will also be modeling.

Let me just say that next time you're in Nashville you need to go in Manuel's and see how gorgeous it is. You know how I love to sparkle. Everything sparkles in the Rhinestone Rembrandt's shop. Even his latest line of undies. We tried on jacket after jacket and then I was asked if I would consider wearing two throughout the course of the show. Yeah, I needed convincing.

As soon as Shan sends me the photos, that would be you Shan, who has all the photos, I said as soon as Shan sends them to me I shall unleash them upon everyone. Manuel and Lauren and Lolly were amazing. We had a big time. Jim would've been bored out of his mind. I wanted to move in.

We also discussed a story from Sweden. Usually a pizza place is right next to a weight loss center. This time, it wasn't anything like that. No, the people who had gathered for their weekly weigh in had the misfortune to be on a floor that collapsed. I'm sure they had to put up with many an inappropriate joke. I wonder if any of them will be back.

New site updates this weekend. You can listen to the entire show at www.thejaneellen.com. And you can listen to me read audio books at www.audible.com.