The Jane Ellen Experience Podcast #203 Thu 01.07,10

Manure. When you care enough to send the very best. Dick Kleis in Zwingle, Iowa, wanted to do something special for his wife's birthday. And he thought 120,000 pounds of manure would be the best way to tell her happy birthday. So that's how he spelled it out. Which got Adam and I thinking. Was it all the same type of manure? Did friends contribute? It took him three hours to spell the message, but how long to rid himself of the stench. I am assuming he did have some sort of odor. And, lucky for him, she was delighted with it. Me, not so much.

Spider-Man 4 and Thor were going to be released on the same day. And we agreed, that did seem a little bit silly. Same demo and all. Then I rhymed a lot of things with Thor and some bad British accents ensued. You'll have to listen at Hear Jane www.thejaneellen.com to appreciate all that.

Then we switched gears to bad Italian accents as I told the tale of a fateful trip, no, not that. As I talked about Dr. Vito Franco from Palermo University. He is one of many who looks at famous works of art and then says what was physically wrong with them. For instance. Allegedly. Mona Lisa had fatty acids under her skin--too much cholesterol. Botticelli's Portrait of a Youth? Marfan Syndrome. Michelangelo as shown in Raphael's The School of Athens had swollen knees. And we all know what that means. No, we don't go there. Excessive uric acid and renal calculosis. Totally not making this stuff up.

Adam and I talked about whether or not we are pundits. According to Wendy's research, we are. This is what she discovered: Pundits offer their opinion to the masses. We do that. But it is usually political. We rarely walk the political road. Pundits make remarks on things in which they are knowledgeable. Well, that's never stopped us. Soooooo, we do qualify. But lately, the word had become a tad derogatory. Which is why we are not so hip to embrace it.

Schools closed here before it ever snowed. The many inches promised turned into a wee bit with more ice thrown in for fun. Of course just a little precipitation brings out the birds so I taught my girls more birdwatching techniques this afternoon and a grand time was had by all. Many people applauded me. Though it was referred to as nerdwatching by one of my friends. As expected.