The Jane Ellen Experience Podcast Summary #207 Thu 01.14.10

One month until Valentine's Day. Just letting you know ahead of time. Adam and I have a show that, quite honestly, fascinated us. We talked about our favorite thing. Movies. I asked him what movie set, other than Back to the Future (which I know to be his favorite) would he have liked to be on? He said Ghostbusters. Then I had to think about it. Of course, I wanted it to be a movie of merit. Something with cultural impact. And yet, I didn't want it to be, in hindsight, a set where I had known the conditions were not, shall we say, comfy? We agreed that a sound stage was about as good as I was going to get.

Then we moved on into our delusional Star Trek conversation. Here's the plan. Adam pointed out that we are not, NOT in the upcoming Star Trek film or the still in the "this is a good idea" Star Trek series. I've talked to my agent on at least three occasions about it. All we need is about two seconds of face time in, let's say, the next film. A name in the credits. Hey, we're not asking for a line. Sure, expecting one, but not not demanding one up front. Just a week on the set and a few seconds on screen guarantees us gold geek status and being paid to speak at Star Trek conventions. That's not so bad. Adam trembles just thinking about it.

Today I had my fitting at Manuel's Exclusive Clothiers in Nashville. It was like coming home. I've rarely felt so comfortable in a shop before. Everything spoke to me. Everything was sparkly. I have been fitted by a legend. I am legend. No, wait, that's a Will Smith movie. And I was asked if I would wear two of his jackets. Uh, sure. More on this experience later. Let me just say, though, it was fabulous. MWAH!