The Jane Ellen Experience #205 Tue 01.12.10

I for one wonder how many times a day Adam is asked if he has a Bowflex body. I get to see it at least three times a week. Just putting that out there. Spider Man 4 will no longer be helmed by Sam Raimi and will no longer star Tobey Maguire. And how do we get that pay or play clause in something so someone can stop us from doing something and still hand over a hunk-o-dough? Anyway, James Cameron has expressed an interest in the franchise. Adam has theory. You simply must hear it. Click on Hear Jane www.thejaneellen.com.

The amazing Brien Travis pointed out to me that my emails to him sound just like Meryl Streep's lines in Devil Wears Prada. Adam has not seen and enjoyed this film. Even though nothing blows up, it is full of sarcastic asides and bitter remarks and I assured him he would enjoy it. Just go to to www.imdb.com and look up the film and check out memorable quotes. I do believe I have remarked at people, Brien in particular, moving at a glacial pace. Only said in a a much more gentle fashion. And the remark about coffee. Yeah, I'm sure I've said that too.

Seems our fave Kevin Smith is fascinated by Manimal too. It warrants looking into. The new A-Team trailer is a delight. I like that Liam Neesom is George Peppard-ish. And I love it when a plan comes together. Though Jim totally dissed the A-Team. What does he know?

I realized we did the entire show reclining like Romans. All we lacked was a vomitorium.

Had a delightful talk today with Erika Page White. She's a brilliant actress. Or is it actor? I'll have to have her clarify that. And she's married to country superstar Bryan White. Plus, she's part of A Fashion Affair. By the way, if you live in Tennessee, tickets are selling out fast. You can buy them online at www.avintageaffair.org. All the VIP tables have sold out already. Of course, if you're there, in my eyes, you are a VIP. But, uh, technically, I guess you're not. Hey, you snooze you lose. But still, I will be host to all of you. And you will love it!