Podcast Summary #8 Thu 03.19.09

American Idol held few surprises for me during last night’s results show. I called two of the bottom three—Alexis and Michael. Didn’t put Allison on the list. But she wasn’t going home anyway. And she didn’t.

I was trolling the Idol message boards and there have been those thinking Seacrest was being cruel or was leading Michael Sarver on as he told Allison she was in the bottom three first but not Michael. Then he told Michael to head on down. In my opinion, the producers are just trying to change things up a bit. There was a time you could spot who was eliminated by the seating arrangement. They’ve got to do things differently once in a while. I didn’t think it was rude or cruel. The audience just expected him to be safe because that’s how it always had been. And, no doubt, that’s why the producers did it that way. Seacrest isn’t doing this on his own you know.

Jim was on today’s podcast and if there’s one thing he likes, it’s flowers on clothes. He was horrified by what Carrie Underwood was wearing. Inasmuch as Jim gets horrified at women’s clothing. I told him that the spring trend is a big flower here and there. He thought she had a poodle pinned to her head. Which led to a discussion of flowery shirts. Which, by the way, looked great on Tom Selleck in Magnum PI. Not that I’m old enough to remember it. I’m just saying. Sometimes I close my eyes and think that Jim looks like Tom Selleck. Sometimes I don’t even bother to close my eyes.

They kept saying Carrie Underwood and Randy Travis were doing a duet. Well, they did sing together. However, their version of his 1987 hit I Told You So wasn’t so much of a duet. Randy kind of provided backing vocals and sang a verse. It’s a great song. Really. But a duet to me is more of a back and forth trade off. If you want to see his original video go to www.joost.com and look up I Told You So. Randy’s very low key. Gorgeous delivery on it. Carrie really did more of a powerhouse version on last night’s show, more so than on the version on Carnival Ride. Love the song though.

Speaking of videos, Jim and I also watched Britney’s latest If You Seek Amy. Much has been made of what the title actually stands for. I can’t write it here because it’s a word offensive to many. Megyn Kelly of FOX News has invited Britney on the show because the video starts with a news anchor that looks an awful lot like Megyn and she seems to be saying things that Megyn said about Britney’s song. Interesting. When I watched the video I kept thinking how many great pairs of shoes I was seeing. For real. I’m not making that up. And Britney really reminds me of Madonna. Use what you’ve got baby.

Lost was on last night. I tried to explain what happened in thepodcast and really, did a poor job of it. It’s so complicated for those who do not watch it regularly that to hear a Lostie talk about it, well, you sound crazy. Er. Crazier. In short, Hurley, Jack, Kate, and Sayid showed up in 1977. Sawyer found them, he was waiting. Only Sayid had been separated so he’s being treated as one of the Others and has met a young (10 years or so) Ben Linus. Great casting on that kid by the way. Sun, adult Ben, and Frank Lepidus the pilot (who cleans up real well) are also on the island but not in 1977. Sun and Frank meet Jack’s dead Dad, Christian. Who I now think the island has resurrected, just like it resurrected John Locke. Confused yet? OK, that’s all I’ve got. Except I prefer Sawyer scruffy. And his nickname of the night? Quickdraw. As in McGraw. Nicely played Sawyer.

I know Brien, who loves frogs more than anything, will be sorry he missed out on a frog wedding ceremony in India. They’re trying to make it rain so they thought marrying two frogs would be a good idea. You know, Brien’s birthday is the last day of the month. Maybe I could get him a Kermit the frog doll and then take him out for a frogleg dinner. Oh, I am sure that would make his night. I do what I can, you know?