Podcast Summary #6 Tue March 17, 2009

And a Happy St. Patrick’s Day to you. Being the celebration day of a saint, of course it means Patrick died on this date. In 461 I do believe. Yes, taught the Trinity by use of the clover, converted most of the island of Ireland to Christianity, but the image that stays with many is he drove the snakes out of Ireland.

Adam Cravens visited the podcast today. Adam is one of my Irregulars and you can learn more about them on the Know Jane page at www.thejaneellen.com. Adam and I looked it up. With the exception of zoos and people who have them as pets, there really are no snakes in Ireland. How bout that? Indiana Jones would be happy there. At least regarding his snake phobia. Legend has it that St. Patrick drove the snakes into the sea. Adam mentioned parseltongue and let the blasphemy begin.

Dancing with the Stars was a delight. As it always is to me. Here’s the lowdown. Holly and Dmitry danced the quickstep. I like her. I like how she said she was inept. It kind seemed like he was pulling her around the floor. They scored an 18. David and Kym scored a 17 with their salsa. I thought Kym was dressed in a sequined nude Mrs.Santa outfit. I also feel the judges are more lenient with Holly and harder on David. Either way, I don’t think they’re going home first. Denise and Maksim danced the quickstep and scored a 21. One of the reasons I love Maks, “when you feel the pain, you’re doing it right.” Their quickstep was to We Go Together, the very last song in Grease.Which is so weird because Brien and I were just talking about that song yesterday.

Belinda and Jonathan got an 18 with the salsa. Loved the black fringe on her turquoise dress. Ty and Chelsie got a 20. I. Love. Ty. He’s hysterical. His stiff carriage really leant itself to the hold in the quickstep. His concentration face is a joy. I hope he stays awhile. Shawn and Mark got a 24 with their salsa. They are the cutest couple. Bruno telling the 17-year-old Shawn to be naughty was a little creepy. Steve and Karina got a 17 with their quickstep. He is dancing with an injury. And the Woz seems so happy to be there. As Adam put it, if he’s sent home first he can just go home and bathe in a tub of money and laugh some more.

Julianne and Chuck look really good together and he is funny. They got a 20 on their salsa. She said the salsa goes against every masculine bone in Chuck’s body. I love watching a man doing the salsa. I don’t find it at all fem. Lawrence and Edyta got a 20 on their quickstep. Instead of skin, Edyta went with all black netting and a few well-placed flowers. They were fine. Steve-O got injured two hours before the show during dress rehearsal. He landed on his mic pack, which was on his back aroundwaist level. He was taken to the hospital and Lacey stood alone while the judges remarked. They showed the taped dress rehearsal dance.Their salsa got a 14. Lil Kim and Derek did a lovely quickstep to Diamonds are a Girl’s Best Friend. Not a shiv as Adam put it. Look it up. They got a 23.

Melissa and Tony were dynamite doing the salsa. Love her. Go Melissa. They got a 26. They received a standing ovation. I don’t know much at all about Melissa but I am thrilled for her and I am thrilled she’s such a great dancer.And Gilles and Cheryl. Also freakin’ awesome. They got a 27. Their quickstep to Kryptonite was very cool. He was the best-looking Clark Kent I’ve ever seen. And Adam has a Superman hang up so that was his favorite dance. They are at the top with a combined score of 51. Steve and Karina are at the bottom.

Adam had a time with the story about a guy who made a dummy to put inhis car just to use the high occupancy vehicle lane and got pulled over. The dummy had a Gandalf mask on. Adam will gladly discussanything sci-fi. And couldn’t quite fathom the fact that yesterday Brien said he liked Star Trek V, however, he has not made it throughLord of the Rings Fellowship of the Ring. A movie that’s made, like,a billion dollars. It’s beyond the both of us, really. Because Adam and I have seen Fellowship at least 300 times. Throw Jim into the mixand you’re looking at 500, easy. That’s why we just can’t comprehend Brien’s just not getting past the first half hour. His life is just not complete. Yet.

Anyway. It’s finally a gorgeous day outside. I am planning to enjoy it.