The Podcast Summary Episode 2

  I don’t know how I did it.  But yesterday I stayed up for 24 hours
straight with no ill effects. I didn’t plan to do it. It just
happened. And you know, the ill effects have set in today. I was
never one for pulling all-nighters those few brief years ago when I
was in college. There’s a reason for that. And my girls are watching
The Smurfs right now and I want to die. I hate the Smurfs and their
smurfing good time. I’m glad they’re occupied. However. Papa
Smurf’s voice is like a gnat in my brain.

After we got the site launched and the first podcast up and running,
my husband’s health went from bad to worse. Even though I had been
shoveling Advil down his throat every four hours his fever eventually
rose to over 103. As a physician, I had diagnosed him with strep on
Sunday or Monday. Jim had grumbled that he had been around no one
therefore he didn’t have it. You’d think by now he would listen.

Thanks to the schedule that Brien works and the sympathy he had for
us, he came over at 11:30 at night so we could spend some quality time
in the ER. Three glorious hours and one enormous shot later and we
were back. I was justified that Jim had something wrong with him. So
there was that. But now I have waiting room germs all over me.

And after being up for 24 hours my children decided to help the
situation. They left Brien alone. 3:20am, I had just fallen asleep
and Anna Grace was at my bedside. I convinced her to go sleep on the
couch. Clearly, she is turning into the bad sleeper that her mother
is. Then, just an hour or two after that, Jenna showed up. She is
not a wiggly sleeper like Anna Grace and served as a nice heating pad.
Which is convenient seeing as the gorgeous preview of summer we had
yesterday is quickly disappearing today. I got an hour of sleep here,
an hour there. But I’ve just ingested 80 milligrams of caffeine.
Once I depuff my eyes I’ll be ready to face the day. I’ve got plenty
of black eyeliner. I can pull it off.

Now let’s talk about American Idol, shall we? The Michael Jackson
catalogue. Lil Rounds started the show with The Way You Make Me Feel.
She did a terrific job and she is safe. Scott MacIntyre was
comfortable behind the piano and played a song I had never heard of
called Keep the Faith. He was good. I don’t think he’ll go. Danny
Gokey, aka Robert Downey Jr., did PYT and rocked it. Love him love
him love him. And not just because of the incredibly sad recently
deceased wife back-story. I just think Danny is the bomb. I loved
his dorky dancing. I love his different glasses every week. He’s
easily going into the top five. That was obvious from the first time
I saw him. Not going into the top five is super nice guy Michael
Sarver. He did You Are Not Alone. And he won’t be when he’s sent
home tonight because they’re sending two of them packing. He was
fine. It’s just that it was meh. And wasn’t that the creepy video
Michael did with then wife Lisa Marie? That scarred my corneas.

Jasmine Murray did I’ll Be There. Cute outfit. I thought it was
screechy. Kris Allen whipped out his guitar and sang Do You Remember
the Time. Problem is I keep forgetting about him. Allison Iraheta
sang Give It to Me. Never heard of it. But she is freakin’ awesome.
Anoop Desai sang Beat It. Brien aptly said might as well shoot it. I
suspect votefortheworst.com is backing Anoop. I haven’t bothered to
check or anything…It was not good. Not good Anoop Dawg. Abye bye.
Jorge Nunez sang Never Can Say Goodbye. He may very well be learning
that tonight.

Megan Corkrey chose Rockin’ Robin. Looked like she was doing the
chicken dance. Well, a chicken is a bird. She has such a quirky
voice. Love her. Adam Lambert is an amazing performer who can sing
like nobody’s business. He did Black or White. I thought it was
great and again, a finalist who was easy to spot from the beginning.
Matt Giraud played the piano to Human Nature. Great job but maybe
forgettable. And Alexis Grace wore a naughty outfit and sang Dirty
Diana. I barely remember that song. I remember Janet Jackson’s Black
Cat. But Michael’s Dirty Diana?

Now the top 13 will become the top 11 tonight. My original picks to
go are Anoop and Michael Sarver. Brien thinks because he likes Megan
then she will surely go. By the way, people I mention a lot or who
guest on the podcast are included on the Know Jane page on
www.thejaneellen.com. Jim thinks Jorge is a goner. Jasmine is on the
bubble. So is Alexis. And Anoop does have the Sanjaya factor going.
He is extremely likeable too. Idol can be so hard to call. If I were
picking it based on last night’s performance, and mind you I didn’t
vote, I would eliminate Anoop and Michael.

Speaking of TV, Lost is on tonight. Sweet. And the latest
television watching study says it doesn’t harm your kids. Well, as
long as you don’t let them watch something inappropriate. That’s a
different study. Some studies had said that if you let kids under the
age of two it messed up your kids. This new study now says no it
doesn’t. Says their motor skills and vocabulary skills are great.
But if you let them watch too much your kids, like you, can become
obese and lose sleep. Why? Because they’re leading sedentary lives.

There’s a quilting magazine called Quilter’s Home that is causing a
stir among those who quilt. The article is called Shocking Quilts. I
guess I never thought that those who quilted would have a shocking
streak in them. Seems they do. The magazine has photos of some of
the quilts including “a gun wielding Jesus” and “a gigantic phallus.”
I want to be clear that those are two different quilts.