The Jane Ellen Experience Podcast Summary #7 Wed March 18, 2009

Ah, Wednesday. I say that like I’ve had a rough week or something.Well, I have been meaning to vacuum. Lost is on tonight. I confirmed it is a new episode. All is right in the world. It is a gorgeous day. Check two on things that are good. And an addiction I need to share. Seriously, get it out of my house. This Sam’s Choice Cajun trail mix. It’s got sweet peanuts and crunchy stuff and just a touch of spicy crunchy things in there. Could be chicken lips for all I know. I have inhaled it and it must stop. Go, try it for yourself. As a food addict, you can trust me when I tell you something is a taste sensation.

Dancing with the Stars was an hour of filler as the results shows always are. Enjoyable filler, but filler nonetheless. They found aremarkable way to stretch the inevitable too, have a dance off. The bottom two celebrity vote getters were Steve Wozniak and Belinda Carlisle. So they kept the votes they got from the viewers and got to choose which dance they already knew to perform again for fresh scores from the judges. Steve put on his nerd glasses and Belinda put on her turquoise dress and they got the same scores, 17. But the viewers saw tipped things in Steve’s favor and it was Belinda who went home first.

Jewel’s rendition of Over the Rainbow was spellbinding. I didn’t expect that. Why? Well, it’s a classic and so very hard to put afresh spin on that one. And yet she did. I just loved it. She hitnotes I didn’t even know she could hit. I know she can yodel, but man this was impressive. Gorgeous.

American Idol was country night with Randy Travis as the mentor. He’s aging really well, don’t you think? And boy can he sing. Tonight he will sing a duet with Carrie Underwood. Brad Paisley will also perform on the results show. But I’m jumping ahead. Let’s start with the very nice Michael Sarver who sang Garth’s Ain’t Goin’ Down ‘Til the Sun Comes Up. It was fine. He got in all the words. And yet. Meh. He’s my pick to go. Allison did Blame it on Your Heart a song that was a hit for PattyLoveless. Jim and I were watching Idol together and he remarked that if he didn’t know Patty’s version he guesses Allison’s would be OK. Loveless is incredible. Allison has such a rocker voice to me. She was fine with it. And she’s totally morphing into Kelly Clarkson witha slightly deeper voice.

Kris Allen shaved and played to his demo with Garth’s To Make YourFeel My Love. Wise choice on his part. Lil Rounds did MartinaMcBride’s Independence Day. I loved Lil’s jewelry. She looked great in fuchsia. I just expected goosebumps and didn’t get them. But of course she sounded great. Jim really loved. I simply thought it was OK even though I can’t say there was anything wrong with it. Now, THE performance. Adam Lambert’s Ring of Fire. I thought it was freakin’ awesome. Not only can I say it reminded me of Duran Duran I’ll go deeper and say Arcadia. How’s that for a flash from the past. He totally Simon Le Bonned it for me and I loved the arrangement. However, I can appreciate that a hardcore country fan would not groove upon such a thing. Simon, and Jim, thought it was indulgent rubbish. As soon as it was over I wanted to hear it again. Loooovvvvvved it. And, I might add, I also love Johnny Cash’s Ring of Fire. So there.

Scott MacIntyre’s Wild Angels was nice. Alexis Grace’s Jolene probably put her on the bubble. That’s one of my favorite DollyParton songs. I think it was Dolly’s first number one. And Alexis just didn’t do much with it if you ask me. Alexis has exquisite skin by the way. Danny Gokey did Jesus Take the Wheel. Great job. I didn’t mind his arctic explorer look. I am willing to accept that they will never bring Robert Downey Jr. on to stand next to him just like they never brought Vin Diesel on to stand next to Chris Daughtry. Let’s talk about the biggest surprise of the night. Because I wasn’t surprised that Adam did something funky with a country song. I was surprised that Anoop owned You Were Always on my Mind. What a great job. Simon said he went from zero to hero and he was right. Anoop is saaaaaaafe.

Did you notice Megan Corkrey has dropped her last name and is now using her middle name of Joy? Jim thought it might be because it was too similar to Gokey. Anyway. She looked supermodel stunning last night. And her version of Patsy Cline’s Walkin’ After Midnight was amazing. With the flu too. Just incredible. Did you notice she was wearing the same earrings as Paula? I assume they are from Paula’s jewelry line. And for the first time I found the always-pleasant Matt Giraud to be really great. He did Carrie Underwood’s So Small. It was spectacular.

So who do I think is in trouble? Michael and Alexis. Bottom three might include Lil but then they will sit her right back down. What an entertaining and surprising show it was on Idol.