The Podcast Summary Episode 4 03.13.09

Happy Friday the 13th.  Hope you don’t have issues with that.  But
today I get to use one of my favorite words. Triskaidekaphobia. Fear
of the number thirteen. I don’t have that fear. But that word does
just roll off the tongue. I know someone with a fear of frogs. I'm
not here to name names right now. I'm not too fond of crickets
myself. They have teeth you know. Interesting to me that some people
do have a fear of a number though. You know many hotels that have
more than 13 floors will ignore floor 13 and call it the 14th floor
just because so many people have problems with that number. Some
apartment buildings call the 13th floor M because M is the 13th letter
of the alphabet. The whole thirteen is a bad thing is usually related
to Judas being the thirteenth to be seated at the Last Supper. There
are others, by the way. Vikings aren’t fond of the number because
Loki, god of chaos, is the thirteenth god in their pantheon.
Mesopotamians did not groove on 13 either. It even goes back to the
Code of Hammurabi where the number 13 was simply left out. But did you
know there is a fear of the number four as well? Yes, that’s
tetraphobia. We’ll try to work that in some other day. And, if you
want to learn a really long word, there is a great one for people who
are specifically afraid of Friday the 13th, and that word is
paraskavedekatriaphobia. Cool, huh?

Jim sat in on today’s podcast. He is getting better. That strep is a
beyotch. I think Brien is coming down with it. I simply cannot have
all the men in my life sick. Certainly not at the same time. It’s
simply unbearable. For me. Oh sure, it’s no fun for them either.

Survivor was on last night. Jim’s been keeping up with it. I thought
it was all sitting on our DVR. I was mistaken. The jock that kept
catching balls, but not in his mouth, lost a tooth. His name is JT.
Taj, who Jim says is a pop star, or was, found the hidden immunity
Idol. And Spencer was voted off the Idol. Which is OK because he can
devote more time to his store. Spencer’s Gifts. Kidding. But you’ve
got to buy your blacklight posters somewhere.

It's also the tournament of champions on Jeopardy. The only time Jim
feels almost stupid. Can't believe he didn't get the final Jeopardy
question when clearly the answer was Ravel's Bolero. Hello, French,
repeating musical phrase. What else could it be?

April issue, Lucky Magazine, page 72. Let’s all turn to it now
please. Karen Millen black and white lace pumps. They’re $255. I
wear a size 8 Karen. You can email me. I can’t do the stuff they do
on Survivor. But I can wear heels like nobody’s business. I’ve never
wanted shoes so much before like I want these. However, I don’t have
the spare change. I’ve also never paid that much for shoes. But I am
willing to accept them as a gift. They. Are. Stunning.

Brien and I are not old enough to remember Disney’s 1975 super cool
movie Escape to Witch Mountain or its sequel Return From Witch
Mountain. We didn’t watch the 1995 made for television movie remake
either. However. We are dying to see Race to Witch Mountain, which
comes out today. He’s not called the Rock anymore. Jim says it’s
officially Dwayne Johnson. I know he has skills. Jim made me watch
plenty of wrestling back when he wrestled. He can act. And he has my
utmost attention. We need to go see that movie.

The Last House on the Left is another remake out today. Of course
this one is rated R, unlike Witch Mountain, which is PG. Sunshine
Cleaning and Miss March are also rated R, both comedies out today.

The new camcorder has arrived and we are taking your requests in the
Chat Jane forum for unusual things you would like us to try. Lemons
and salt is one request. And, in honor of the king, it’s not unusual
(to be loved by anyone)…but Brien has never had Elvis’s favorite
sammich fried peanut butter and bananas. That shall be remedied. You
have a suggestion, let us know at www.thejaneellen.com and check out
the forum.

And for those who have kindly thought my theme song was actually me
singing, it’s actually Julee Cruise. The song is called The Art of
Being A Girl. Download it today because Julee rocks