The Jane Ellen Experience Podcast Summary #13 Thu 03.26.09

OK, I know, you're dying to know, how did the fairy thing work out in the rain yesterday? We knocked it out of the park. This is the only preview you'll get until the video is done. And, notice the tutu. It goes without saying that I totally dug what Paula Abdul was wearing last night.
So, let's talk American Idol. First of all, what's great about Idol is there are actually some people who aren't familiar with the songs of Motown. I know, it's hard for me to accept that. And this show exposes them to these great songs. However, it was hard for me to accept that SOMEBODY who shall remain nameless did NOT know that Billy Joel sang It's Still Rock'n Roll to Me. Sad, sad, sad. Tangent, must focus. If you're not well-versed in Motown, learn these songs as they are marvelous.
Matt Giraud did Marvin Gaye's Let's Get It On. I love me some Marvin and he did a terrific job working the sexy. Hard song to sing. I ought to know. I never sound that good in the car. Kris Allen was equally terrific on How Sweet It Is. He and Matt had been under my radar the first few weeks. I think they'll both score deals out of this. Scott MacIntyre did a pleasant version of You Can't Hurry Love. That's about all I can say about it. Megan is so stunning. The stylist is totally working her look. She sang For Once in My Life and even though I didn't think it was as bad as the judges did, I also got what they were saying. A slower song would've suited her vocal styling better.
Anoop did a real smooth job on Ooh Baby Baby. Other than Linda Ronstadt, I can't think of anyone other than Smokey who does it perfectly, but he didn't make me cringe. Wish I could say that about Michael Sarver. His Ain't Too Proud to Beg, well, I had to fast forward through it. Just kind of ponderous. And he seems so nice. I don't want to be a hatah, but, I really feel it's his time to go.

Lil Rounds totally looked the part for Heatwave. I feel she owned it. I completely agreed with Paula. I understand a slower song would've showed off her chops more, but I had no problem with what she did. Loved it.
However, THE performance of the night was Adam Lambert's Tracks of My Tears. He did it unplugged and cleaned up, hair slicked back, no black nail polish, and he was in a suit. I always thought he kind of looked like Elvis. Now I realize he looks like Kurt Russell as Elvis. His soft version of Tracks was extraordinary. And to see Smokey, the songwriter, leading the standing o, just amazing.
Danny Gokey's Get Ready was terrific. Love Danny. And Allison's Poppa Was a Rollin' Stone rocked it. I think that was my second favorite performance. I also want the lace leggings she was wearing, and the multi-chain belt.
To sum it up, Michael and Megan bottom two with Michael going is what should happen. Adam was THE BEST. As soon as it was over, I wanted to hear it again.
Lost was new. If you catch on to it you realize that the characters in Lost have issues with their fathers. This week we find out that young Ben Linus and Sayid each had hard fathers. And, I'll just cut to the point, it ends with Sayid shooting young Ben. Huh. But that's in 1977. Time travel is a beyotch. Who knows who is real who is dead. I love Lost.
And Jim tells me that the Farrelly Brothers are making a Three Stooges movie with Benicio del Toro as Moe, Sean Penn as Larry and Jim Carrey as Curly. Why? It just sounds like a bad idea.