The Podcast Summary Episode 3

 Isn’t it somebody’s job to remind me when it is a new episode of Lost
and when it is a repeat of Lost? I went all day yesterday thinking it
was a new episode Wednesday when, in fact, it was a repeat Wednesday.
Now, I did know this. I knew it last week when, at the end of the
show, the promo said “in two weeks.” I believe foul language was used
on my part to show my displeasure. I was so upset by it that I
refused to believe it. Clearly. So imagine my disappointment when I,
popcorn hand, went to the paused TV (how did I survive without the
ability to do that?) and it was American Idol?

Not that I’m not all about Idol. But I was totally in the mood for
Lost. Sigh. By the way, try this. Air popped popcorn, spray on
butter, the kind with no fat, no calories, you know, the kind that
looks like hairspray, then add garlic salt and, wait for it, wait for
it, Parmesan cheese. I’ve been surviving on that stuff for years. My
girls have it for breakfast every weekend. As do I.

Anyway, Idol. First thing to note, www.votefortheworst.com is
backing Megan, not Anoop. I was surprised about that. Second,
redheaded teenager looks more and more like Kelly Clarkson to me.
Which was easy to see since Kelly was on last night’s show. And have
you seen the single cover photo to Kelly’s My Life Would Suck Without
You? She’s got heart-shaped lollipop in the photo, wearing red, it’s
that one. OK, now spend some quality time familiarizing yourself with
an amazing country singer named KT Oslin. In some of KT’s photos, she
and Kelly, in that particular photo of Kelly, look freakishly alike.
Just thought I’d toss that out there. I’m sure Kelly knows who KT is.
Kelly’s got country in her too. And they’ve both won Grammys. You
know how all Grammy-winners know each other.

Seeing as I’ve already talked about Kelly, let me mention Kanye West.
Loved the mixed denim outfit. Which is very hard to do. And I
thought it was great of him that just in case one of the judges
spilled their drink he had a hefty dish towel in his back pocket for
easy clean up. Very thoughtful.

Seacrest was sporting a very sharp black pinstripe suit. Nice. The
French version of the show already has this feature and now American
Idol has what is called the Judge’s Save. Up until the final five
contestants, the judges can choose to save one if they feel they are
going too soon much like in the case of Chris Daughtry and others in
Idol history. All four must agree. And, if they do save one, then no
one goes home that week. However, two must go the following week.

My picks did not go this week. Jasmine went. I was not surprised at
that. And Jorge went. Wasn’t surprised either. He is a better singer
than Anoop but Anoop is more entertaining. And
www.votefortheworst.com is not backing Anoop they are backing Megan.
That did surprise me. Huh.

30 Rock is on tonight. And there was much rejoicing. That show
tickles me way deep down inside. I want to think of awards just to
give to Alec Baldwin he amuses me so much. Love. It.

Let me invite you to participate in the Chat Jane forum at
www.thejaneellen.com. You can start up any topic you like or join in
the ones already there. The podcasts will be on iTunes by next week.
And they will be longer. Bigger. Uncut.

Oh, if you are unfamiliar with the totally rockin’ song Barracuda by
Heart, youtube it. I have introduced it to Anna Grace and Jenna
because, as sisters, I felt they should know that sisters could rock.
Anna Grace calls it the song about the fish with teeth. Now they want
to be drummers. Which I found odd because I hear the smokin’ guitar
more. But my girls hear the drums. So be it. Brainwash the young
ones to know good music and all will be well in the world. They also
love the song Frankenstein. Look it up.