The Jane Ellen Experience Podcast Summary #14 Friday, 03.27.09

Adam Cravens visited the podcast. And there was much rejoicing. American Idol got it right and Michael Sarver, who seems like a super nice guy, is gone. Bottom three included Matt Giraud and Scott MacIntyre. Scott was the first to sit back down. Then they had to wait through Stevie Wonder's medley. After it was announced that the oil rigger got the lowest votes he said, "I have to sing after Stevie? Oh crap!" Funny. And that was it for him. And now there are nine, three of them female.

Adam's still processing what happened on Lost. Well, we all are. He also pondered how it's possible that 30 Rock continues to get funnier. Thank goodness it does. Last night was brilliant. Almost every line was a winner. Here's an example. "What is this? Horseville? Cuz I am surrounded by neighsayers." Oh that's good comedy.

The new movies out this week are Monsters vs. Aliens. That's animated and rated PG with the voice talents of pretty much everyone in the universe except me and Adam. Reese Witherspoon and Rainn Wilson are involved. By the way. You should be on www.twitter.com just to follow Rainn. He's hilarious. He's a cast member of The Office if you are unfamiliar with him.

The Haunting in Connecticut is rated PG-13 and is based on a true story. I am so not going to see it because the trailers on the internet look far too disturbing. As Adam pointed out, if we have learned nothing from Amityville-- if the house doesn't like you, move out.

And professional wrestler John Cena made another movie. This one is called 12 Rounds and I suspect it's not about donuts. Renny Harlin directed it. Adam pointed out that they're pushing that Renny directed Diehard 2, not Cutthroat Island. Funny.

We had a great chat about pirates and cowboys. We concur that in real life, pirates and cowboys probably smelled bad and had various diseases and in no way resembled Johnny Depp, Robert Redford, or Paul Newman.

I discovered that Adam has man crushes on Jim Carrey, Paul Rudd and Dwayne Johnson. He is willing to devote an entire podcast to his man crushes and even make a longer list. I am not opposed to that. For I, too, have man crushes.

And let's not forget about this tasty treat. It's got 4800 calories, 300 grams of fat, 744 milligrams of cholesterol, and 10,000 milligrams of sodium, and it costs 20 bucks. It's the Fifth Third burger available at Fifth Third Ballpark concession stand for the West Michigan Whitecaps. Here's what's in it. The bun is a pound of dough. Add a cup of chili and five, one pound hamburgers with five slices of American cheese, salsa, nacho cheese, Fritos and lettuce, tomato, sour cream and optional jalapenos. You have to cut it with a pizza cutter. It serves four but if one person can eat the whole thing, you get a free t-shirt. And maybe congestive heart failure. Sounds like a plan.