The Jane Ellen Podcast #12 Wed. 03-25-09

I'll be honest, I'm in a bit of a hurry today. I'm going to be a fairy. I've got glitter eyeliner on. Blue, purple, pink and red hair pieces clipped into the platinum blonde. And I'm going out into the spring rain in a white tutu. I've mentioned Brien Travis a lot, I've forced him onto the podcast before, but what he excels at is music. OK, I find him hilarious, but not musically so. Go to www.myspace.com/brientravis and listen to This Fairytale and you can imagine why I'm going to be a fairy. Well, actually, I have been known to be a fairy without a legitimate reason. But it is one of my favorite songs of his.

Dancing With the Stars was a total bummer for me because my Maks got eliminated. As did his partner Denise Richards. It was going to be tough for him either way because his fiance, Karina, has The Woz. But the geeks have united and Steve Wozniak was not even in the bottom two, it was Denise and Holly. The judges gave Holly an 18 and Denise a 20. Added to the viewer votes from the night before it was Denise who was eliminated. Either way it was a loss because Holly's partner is the other hot Russian guy, Dmitry. Sigh. However, Hall and Oates performed, and that was great. And so was Adele. Brien had hipped me to her a few weeks ago. Love her.
Next week two celebrities will be eliminated. D'oh.

Jim popped in to talk about Raquel Welch. We had seen something about her on the Bio channel. Turns out her bust was 37 and her waist was 22 inches, and she weighed 118 lbs back when she was discovered at 23 years of age or so. And Jim remarked that I did not weigh 118 or have a 22 inch waist. At least that's all I heard. He's still walking upright. Barely.

PETA thought a Chicken Empathy Museum was going to go over big in Louisiana to replace the chicken processing plant that was closing. The kids that visited could play in cages and get a chicken, a toy one, with a tag that said " I am not a nugget." Yeah, can't see me taking my kids there for a fun time. I am all for the ethical treatment of animals. I am also for a good piece of meat in sweet and sour sauce.

It's fairy time. Must make with the magic. You'll see some results eventually in See Jane at www.thejaneellen.com and on Brien's website www.brientravis.com.