The One About Inside Jokes

Many years ago, when dinosaurs roamed the earth and I first started my illustrious radio broadcasting career, I remember learning to stay away from inside jokes. Listeners won't get them. It's a turn off. I never agreed with that. When I watched TV shows I loved it when there was an inside joke reference. Oh yeah, or when I listened to the radio. If there was something funny going on, even if I didn't get the whole thing, it amused me. Even better if one day I found out the whole story. I really ought to do this right. Let me Paul Harvey it. The REST of the story. So here are some odds and ends to inside jokes that you a) never even knew existed and b) will now get an explanation to. Here's an inside joke for you. This is the kind of thing I do when I don't have one cohesive idea for an entire column.

My friend Jay. That's Jay from high school. He was on the November 30 podcast so go listen to that one. We call each other cousin. We are not related. He and my sisters went to a Braves game in Atlanta one time. Because they felt everyone had such an outrageous southern accent in Jawgah, they began calling each other cousin. It stuck. Jay and I also refer to him as a minority. When he was a freshman in high school a photo of him appeared in The Oracle where he was identified as minority student Jay. Now, it might have been that he was the only student of Greek origins in a school of roughly four thousand students. In that case, he would have been a minority student. But normally, Greeks are not called minorities. However, Jay is. Jay and I do not say "excuse me" to each other we say "skew me" because we went on a Washington, DC museum excursion on our own and someone who was just near us the whole time kept saying it. You know how when you're in the grocery store and the same person is always with you through the aisles? Well, it was like that. The "skew me" really cracks us up. Feel free to use it. No Jay, I'm not going to talk about the woman saying "a Russian stoooooove" over and over. It just won't be funny to anyone else. I need to move on.

My husband Jim. "We can't leave, we're next to the salad bar." This makes perfect sense. You don't leave cash on the table next to a busy part of a restaurant. That's all. "You're the reason why the cat has no hair on his butt." Jim used to cause our cat, Merlin, who lived to be 16, a lot of stress. I'm sure. I remember saying it for good reason.

Brien Travis. My BFF. Why we call each other dahling. It's short for sweetie dahling. From Absoloutely Fabulous. A brilliant British TV show that ran from 1992 to 2005 that gives us much joy. But you do have to get British humor. Patsy and Edina appeal to us. Even though we are not whacked out drunks with eating disorders. They're right funny. By the way, Brien's CD Tales of Lazy Wednesday's would make the perfect holiday gift. Buy it today at Amazon or iTunes. It's less than ten bucks and would please me to no end. Dahling.

I call my mother Ma-MA because of The Addams Family. I named my first dog Magnum because it's Latin for great and it's in the neutered ending, as opposed to masculine or feminine, and he was neutered, my little joke. My husband's last name is Herrin. I have heron Christmas ornaments and one in the yard. Jim says no one gets that joke. It never fails to amuse me. I could go on. But I have to leave a few things a mystery.