The Jane Ellen Experience Podcast #197 Tue 12.29.09

Ah, Tuesday. Adam Cravens and I had a bang up quality comedy show if I must say so myself. It was a show of much celebration. Wendy, who kindly does much of our research for us, had her 31st birthday. Wendy is also responsible for getting the latest book and music releases for the Entertain Yourself Page on www.thejaneellen.com.

We then dissected our Brien Travis. Brien only expresses himself through his music and Adam said artists are like that, music is the window to his soul and so on. Only it's hilarious when Adam says it. Then we started to write a song for Brien. And it went downhill from there.

Adam saw Sherlock Holmes and was pleased with it. We made many double entendres as Adam ate sausage and nuts. Just not together. Plus, we talked about the EW Top 10 movies of the decade. It was a most excellent time.

There's a new recipe of the week posted on how to deal with leftover turkey with a bit of an Asian feel. It's in the Cook Jane section. And everything you want to know about A Fashion Affair is on the main page. Do come, won't you?