The Jane Ellen Experience Podcast Summary #193 Tue 12.22.09

I have been mocked by several people, and yet others have been amazed at the brilliance behind blending the what we deemed the necessity of holiday baking for gifts and the the planning meeting for A Fashion Affair. We put the two events together and it was divine. More people should have baking meetings. We accomplished a great deal. No joke either. Shan and Stephanie and I produced about 30 gift baskets of homemade treats and I am not bragging when I am saying that if you got one, you were lucky. We got a lot of planning for the event done too. World famous Manuel is not the only designer featured, gown designer Nina D. and furs from Gus Mayer. I will keep you up to date on all you need to know. I will hit you with it at the first of the year. The show is January 30 and I am hosting.

I did geek out a little bit on the way to Franklin because I saw a kingfisher. Hadn't seen one in years and I used to border on being a hardcore birder. Well, Shan had taken a fistful of mocking pills and let me have it with bird questions and there I had to go and answer her and before I knew it I had started to tell her how you had to count them (because there's a trick to it you see) and it all went downhill from there. And then I told her the difference between a red-winged hawk and a sharp-shinned hawk and she feigned interest. Even I could see her eyes glaze over and I was driving.

Jim had some holiday stories to share. He is ever so jolly. Do listen www.thejaneellen.com click on Hear Jane. Jay Frankenfield has shared a lovely recipe and some great things to do in the new Can You Dig It Column. And Jim has written not one but four new book reviews all under Read Jim.