The Jane Ellen Experience Podcast #198 Wed 12.30.09

Adam Cravens and I enjoyed our special time together, the last show we would do for 2009. Don't worry, Adam and I will do more next week. We geeked out talking about the Family Guy DVD Something Something Dark Side. We chatted about Adam's Christmas gifts, something we had entirely overlooked before. We did not write a song for Brien as it had made his stomach churn on Tuesday. Hilarious as we found it. The window to his soul is now shut to us. I really let Adam have free reign, as I usually do. Lot's of geek speak. It felt good.

We talked about when it is appropriate to speak to someone in a urinal. And how many urinals will now have an image of a fly in them because it seems guys like to aim and it they like to aim at bugs. Seems having the image of a bug is so enticing that it drastically reduces spillage. No joke.

Adam will be adding to Geek Chic in the coming weeks. More changes are coming to the website. Photo shoots of the sci-fi pleasing nature are being planned. Lots of goodies are coming your way. And if you are in the Nashville area, you don't want to miss A Fashion Affair January 30. Details at www.thejaneellen.com. And remember, you can hear all our podcasts on iTunes or by clicking on Hear Jane.