The Jane Ellen Experience Podcast Summary #192 Mon 12.21.09

Yes, it's been awhile. We started back on the podcasts last week and yet, for some reason, I couldn't get my act in gear to write the blogs. I have no valid excuse. I forgot. I forgot armed robbery was illegal. See, that made Wendy laugh. And other Steve Martin fans.

Jim and I talked about Avatar. About how we haven't seen it and it still made around $77 million. I thought it would hit closer to $100 million its opening weekend. However, it is expected to really rake it in when it opens in all the other markets, and, of course, with the DVD sales.

It seems so shocking because she seemed, to me anyway, to stay out of the limelight. Brittany Murphy died Sunday morning of cardiac arrest at the age of 32. I know her best as the voice of Lou Ann from King of the Hill. She made many films including 8 Mile with Eminem. No foul play is suspected. It's just sad. I have no idea if she had a pre-existed heart condition or anything like that. They will perform an autopsy.

Natalie White won the one million dollars on Survivor. Oddly, this is the only season in which I watched none of it. I always watch some Survivor. I feel so out of touch.

I didn't even know they ate horses in France. But yes, they totally do. Last year they ate over 15,000 of them. I don't know if they taste like chicken. Jim went off on how I eat snails. We started to quote O Brother Where Art Thou. And so on.

In New Zealand there has been much debate over a billboard put up by the local Anglican church that has Joseph and Mary in bed and says God, a hard act to follow. Needless to say, the local Catholic church is not amused. And they are not the only ones.

Do look at the website as the Entertain Yourself Page is all new. It's well worth your time with a week's worth of television choices on the Tube Job, music and book releases, DVD's, games, comic books and Hollywood goings-on. And that's just the beginning. Plus, the link to the big fashion show I'm hosting in January. Just go to www.thejaneellen.com.