The Jane Ellen Experience Podcast Summary #187 Tue 12.01.09

I was told it was hug a Catholic Day. Other than my two little girls, nobody hugged me all day. I feel so left out.

Jim and I did a very quick show today. I could say it was all Adam's fault. There, I just did. He said his truck's transmission went out. Then he said it didn't. OK. Just like my sister Patty thought Brien's saying his phone was running out of battery was his way of saying he was just going to end the conversation. Anyway, he alleges he will be doing Wednesday's show with me.

What did we talk about? Um, why I laughed when my sister Judy kept saying the word teabag over and over. (Don't worry, we don't really explain it, you can look it up yourself.)

We went over some great chalkboard gags from The Simpsons 21 glorious years of television. And William Shatner managed to catch and fire, and survive. The man tells a great story.

Why are the shows so short? Well, I am under some serious deadline pressure regarding four audio books. So I am doing some major reading and editing. And I am not alone in it either. I read until my left eye twitches unbearably. Then I sleep some, insert the caffeine IV, then start again. I will let you know when and where you can purchase the books. Oh, I won't make money off of it, but the books are interesting.