The Jane Ellen Experience Podcast Summary #252 Wed 03.24.10

Wings. Adam loves them. Hopefully, you do too. Because you get to hear him eat them throughout the entire show. Now, some people might think that shows are not for eating. We think differently. Plus, I know what makes Adam happy. He is a man who loves his meat on a bone and he loves his gristle. He has many a good story about it too.

So, there's that. More food came into play because there has been a study of paintings made from the past thousand years of The Last Supper. Seems, in those paintings, the portion and plate size has increased. It has been super sized. Interesting. This caused Adam and I to wax poetic about The Last Supper. We thought big thoughts.

The show also drifted toward Free Willy, whose name was actually Keiko, thank you Wendy. And the brilliance of last week's 30 Rock episode. It's magnificent. We mentioned The Italian. Oh this show is worth a good listen at Hear Jane www.thejaneellen.com. I do believe I snort laughed on several occasions.