The Jane Ellen Experience Podcast Summary #244 Thu 03.11.10

Things stick in my brain. And when I was at Gary and Cassie's house, his hymnal was open to a page that had In the Sweet Bye and Bye on one side and I'll Fly Away on the other. I connect I'll Fly Away so strongly with the film O Brother Where Art Thou that I start quoting lines from the film. Because I'm a Dapper Dan man. Could not help myself. I'm a bit obsessive compulsive that way. Cookeville, TN is mentioned in that movie too. Nice touch. Gary and I have decided to make our podcasts a little more regular. We had so much fun. I can't imagine why we wouldn't do that. I'll bring more baked goods. I promise. You can hear more from Gary at his new site www.ahymnaweek.com.

Adam Cravens hasn't been on the show lately not because he has been banished, has a case of leprosy, or has been taken by aliens, at least not according to what he says. He has been working. Which is ponderous. And helping out in the community theater production of Cinderella. This caused Jim to make remark. Do listen at Hear Jane on www.thejaneellen.com. Adam says he will be on Friday's show. He alleges.

Seems alleges is a word that some journalists are no longer allowed to use. Along with diva. Can't use diva? How can you describe me then? You simply must read this memo.

Hope all is well and wonderful with you. Am hoping to have The Italian on the show next week. Might need a translator. But it will be soooooo worth it. Grrrrr.