The Jane Ellen Experience Podcast Summary #251 Mon 03.22.10

The Italian did me the honor of passing along his spaghetti sauce recipe. Now, I've never made sauce from scratch. I know, you're appalled. I've always doctored sauces. I took his recipe, made a minor change or two, let it cook about five hours, and it was divine. Shan said it was the best she had ever eaten. Jim said not as good as my doctored sauces. What can you do? Oh, then Jim went on to say I was insulting Italians, I forget why. But I'm sure there was a valid reason, in his eyes. By the way, on of The Italian's recipes is the Recipe of the Week under Cook Jane on the website.

Over the weekend I was part of the Extreme Fashion Show and wore an amazing gown, evocative of vintage Hollywood glamor created by friend Shane Langford. Jim said the dress was "nice" which, for him, is a huge compliment. However, he went on to say (on Saturday mind you) that he didn't like my hair up or the make up and in short preferred fat Jane to newly remodeled Jane. Do listen to this. Weigh in if you will. Hear Jane at www.thejaneellen.com

And it snowed today. How crazy. It will be sunny and 65 on Tuesday in Tennessee. Just bizarre. But Tennessee weather is like that. Wait five minutes and it's bound to change.

Do note, I made a genius discovery. I usually add a handful of chocolate chips to my brownies. This past weekend I also included a handful of Heath chips. They're teeny tiny Heath bar pieces, but without the chocolate. Insanely good.

The Amazing Ray will be on Tuesday's show, however, that means it will post after noon. Adam's schedule should allow him to be back on the show Wednesday.