The Jane Ellen Experience Podcast #213 Mon 01.25.10

Jim is thrilled and excited that the Colts and Saints are in the Super Bowl. You know, the one day of the year that all the good commercials are shown. Wow Mel Gibson could use some Botox. Sorry, distracted by a movie trailer.

A Beauty Affair was delightful. I found out I can actually pick up my friend Cassie. But, you know, petite people probably have to expect that from time to time. Kristen Motil, who models for DAN Agency and was Miss Tennessee 2009 is a dream. And Stella & Dot jewelry is gorgeous. Many thanks to Matt at Maddux Station in Cookeville for whipping up desserts, pecan pies with chocolate chips. Heavenly doesn't cover it. As of this writing, there are only 15 tickets left to A Fashion Affair. That's this Saturday night at The Factory. If you want in, get yours now.

The show was vastly entertaining. Listen for yourself. Click on Hear Jane on my website. We spent some time on the new human bed warmers at some Holiday Inns in Great Britain. Which led to a discussion in the difference between hookers, call girls and gigolos. But back to the bed warmers. They wear hair nets and snugglies with an alarm and thermometer and their purpose is to get the sheets to 68 degrees, optimal temperature for sleeping. I think it's icky but I thought, since I was once super morbidly obese myself, what a great job for someone in that kind of shape. With a wider body you would get more of the sheets warmer and it would be easier on your joints. Jim would not concede. And so on. I stand by it, I was right. I am right.

Oh, eleven months until Christmas so start your shopping early. Or not. I care not.